Our Membership

Membership of the Broken Hill Chamber of Commerce is a great investment for any business – small, medium or large. The not-for-profit membership-based organisation, represents the diverse range of business and industry located in Broken Hill and surrounding region. The Chamber also has two offices available for rent in the Chamber of Commerce Building at 164 Argent Street which can be leased at a commercial rate.

Business Support
The Chamber provides a suite of business services to eligible members to maintain their reputation as leaders in their field including: Access to up to date versions of Awards and Wage Rate and Allowance Schedules. The Chamber provides an advisory and interperative service on the Modern Awards and the National Employment Standards. The Chamber also has access to information on the latest trends in sales, marketing, information technology. The Chamber is able to carry out research and supply information on request from a member and will provide a regular business newsletter to keep you up to date. The Chamber, in partnership with small business specialists, can assist you to access and benefit from their knowledge and experience. Mentoring services can be provided directly by the Chamber of Commerce or through access to skilled professionals in a wide variety of business areas.

The Chamber of Commerce has strong networks with government and industry at a local, State and National level, including membership roles on key committees. The Chamber advocates for the economic development of its members, the City and region. As a part of its commitment to building economic capacity, the Chamber also provides a number of networking opportunities each year and is committed to developing ongoing, sustainable partherships with key stakeholders.

The Chamber has an ongoing training program in parnership with the Economic Development Centre. Training ranges from payroll and taxation workshops, to social media management, grant and sumbission writing, financial management and customer service development. Courses are conducted through out the year and can be industry specific.

Media and Industry Comment
The Broken Hill Chamber of Commerce is committed to representing the interests of its members and the Far West region and is actively involved in developing relationships with the region’s media. The Chamber issues regular press releases and the Executive and Board are available for interview and comment across a range of business specialties including:

1. Economic development and diversification
2. Regional Growth
3. Labour statistics
4. Investment
5. Building Community Capcity
6. Media, Marketing and Promotion
7. Finance and grant funding
8. Customer Experience and Service

Promotion and Marketing
The Chamber has developed a strong media program to promote business and economic development in Broken Hill and individually promote its members. Members have access to free promotional opportunities by placement of their business profile on the Chamber website and online directories which is accessed by developers, other businesses and government departments looking for goods and services in the Broken Hill area. The reinvigoration of the Excellence in Customer Service Awards in 2011, also has lifted the profile of the Chamber and local businesses.

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