Chamber Welcomes New Board

The Broken Hill Chamber of Commerce successfully held its 122nd Annual General Meeting on Thursday 11 July 2013 at the Barrier Social Democratic Club in Broken Hill.

The new Board was voted in and the following people were elected to the following positions:

President:          Ann Rogers

Vice President:    Paul Seager

Treasurer:          Sharon Hocking

Public Officer:     Andrew Gasmier

Board Members: Wayne Lee, Tabby Tabateau, Rachel Story, Jim Richards, and Trevor Hicks.

The meeting acknowledged the hard work of the previous President, Paul Seager and welcomed Paul’s nomination as Vice President.

The Chamber of Commerce has a vibrant and active Board of management that will undertake a range of activities to advance the interests of business in Broken Hill in 2013/14.

Although the meeting regretted AGL’s recent decision to put the Silverton Wind Farm project on hold, the Chamber will continue to maintain a close working relationship with AGL and will be ready to work with the successful tenderer when the project finally gets underway.

The meeting also discussed a number of other projects getting underway in Broken Hill, and expressed confidence that the city and its businesses will continue to expand and prosper.

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