Broken Hill Community Safety Precinct Committee 2014 Calendar


Keep an eye out for the Community Safety Precinct Committee 2014 calendar which will be release shortly. The calendar forms part of the crime prevention strategy of the Community Safety Crime Prevention Plan 2013-2017.  The calendar aims to provide our community with some simple crime prevention strategies that can be easily incorporated into daily routines.  The calendar is not designed to cause fear of crime but rather to ensure that the community has access to advice on how to help themselves from becoming a victim of crime. The calendar also provides some useful information on topics of interest as well as providing some important contact numbers and websites. This calendar has been developed as a Community Safety Precinct Committee project, of which the Chamber is an active member. Supported by local clubs through Community Development Support Expenditure funding (CDSE), the committee and project supports the commitment that the NSW Police has to our community to advance partnerships within the community to make our town a safer place to live. The Committee comprises members from a wide variety of local government and non government agencies all aiming to work together to make our town a safer place to live.

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