Broken Hill Proud Campaign reignited

Do you remember the Broken Hill Proud campaign that ran during the early 90’s?  Most locals have very fond memories of the campaign and embraced the core value of motivating Broken Hill residents to generate a more positive attitude towards our city and its future.

Do you think it’s time to reinstate that positivity and work together as a community to foster a brighter, more inclusive and supportive  environment for us and our children to enjoy?  We do.  That’s why we are re-launching the Broken Hill Proud way of life for our city and we want to hear from you.

  • What are your memories of Broken Hill Proud?
  • What was your favourite store growing up in Broken Hill and why?
  • Who is giving great customer service at the moment and deserves recognition?
  • Why is it important to you that we as a collective become ‘Broken Hill Proud’ again?

During the next few months we will be seeking your feedback and promoting stories of pride within our community. We will also be bringing you information on such subjects as ‘How internet shopping effects our local community’ and ‘How changing the way you look at customer service can help your business grow’.

We want to hear from customers and business owners about the hurdles you have faced and how you have been able to overcome them.  Do you have a story of fantastic customer service or civic pride that needs to be told?  We want to hear about it.  This is a campaign by the community for the community and is generously supported by Regional Development Australia Far West, Hill FM, 2BH, The Barrier Daily Truth, Southern Cross Austereo, The Broken Hill Community Foundation and the Broken Hill Chamber of Commerce.

Send us your stories now at or call on 08 8087 8383

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