Chamber supports Council’s push to ask government to look again

The Broken Hill Chamber of Commerce will support Broken Hill City Council its request to the Government to reconsider the City’s Resources for Regions funding application.

The Council was notified this week that the application for the Broken Hill Heritage City – Living Museum and Light Project was not successful.

The Chamber’s support comes on the back of significant business and community interest and participation in workshops, meetings and forums about the project and that the City had been excluded from applying for the funding previously because Broken Hill was not deemed “mining-affected”.

“This is the first time in a long time that we have seen the community united behind an idea. The excitement in the town about embracing our heritage status and turning the City Centre into a people hub has everyone united,” Mrs. Bransdon-Andrews said.

She said the Chamber appreciated that the Broken Hill Civic Centre had made the short-list of projects for 2014-15.

“But, we are a City that has historically has pulled above its weight in terms of financial contribution to the national economy. Our mines have produced more than 200 million tonnes of high-grade base metal ore worth an estimated $80 billion during the past 129 years. It was ludicrous that the initial definition of a mining affected town omitted us from the funding in the first place – the community should be afforded the respect of a review.

“We continually witness hundreds of thousands of tax-payer dollars thrown behind poorly designed schemes to encourage people to move from urban to regional areas and yet this is project is a part of an economic diversification strategy designed to build on the sustainability of the Broken Hill economy for future generations and it is more likely to have a successful economic long-term benefit to the region.

“With the appropriate support for and investment in economic diversification projects combined with the new generation of mining investors armed with new technologies, we will build our international reputation as a heritage city and our status as a working international mining community with future employment opportunities across a range of sectors,” Mrs. Bransdon-Andrews said.




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