Treasurer Report 2013-2014

Sharon Hocking

Sharon Hocking

It is pleasing to be able to report that our financial situation at 30th June 2014 is positive.

In 2013-14, we invested in indemnity insurance and other ticket items to place our organisation in good stead to apply for programs, grants and other opportunities for the re-growth of the Chamber.

Water damage in the ceiling and a hit and run on the veranda post at the front of our building were unexpected events (but only for the cost of the excess x 2).

Whilst membership has dropped (which we anticipated would occur when businesses no longer relied the Chamber for Industrial Award Information), it has proved a reality since the introduction of the Federal Modern Award System.

Office rental has helped us for the short term and there are exciting changes that will bring renewed interest and income to the Chamber and hopefully increase membership again.

The Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Report are on the following pages for your viewing and comment.

With the re-employment of Anne Bransdon-Andrews, who is dedicated and passionate about the Chamber as a vehicle to promote business information, provide support for new and existing member businesses and who is driving change of focus including a fee for service to non-members, the Chamber of Commerce is gaining new momentum in our community and is becoming a new place for business people to find information.  Our new web site ( & Facebook and Twitter profiles are exciting and attracting young business people’s interest and interaction.

With this change of perspective about the Chamber’s role by others, also comes opportunity and Anne is very good at grasping opportunities to advance the objectives and principles of the Chamber of Commerce.  Ann Rogers didn’t take long to find her feet, after becoming President last year, (which is a huge voluntary role with a fair share of responsibility and time commitment) and what a team we have leading the way for business in Broken Hill.   Thank you both for what you bring to our table.

Management Improvements I am now witnessing after being a member of the board since 1996:

—Board meetings are shorter, sharper and interesting with the boring bits handled well by email reports.  As Treasurer I enjoy emailing financial reports directly from MYOB instead of talking them at the meetings – nothing creates yawning faster than someone reading out figures… and we are saving reams of my paper.

—Treasury, at last! has access to online banking and will be paying bills and wages online in the next financial year.  ATO has streamlined BAS and all sorts of reporting by introducing AUSKey which will also save us time and effort.

Members at the board table with Ipads, bring the ability to provide instantaneous answers and information on all sorts of matters relevant to the meeting.

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