Our Presidents

Established in 1891, the Broken Hill Chamber of Commerce (also referred to in the early years as the Barrier Chamber of Commerce) has been one of Broken Hill’s five pillars of development, sharing the leadership roles with the City Council, the Mining Industry, Barrier Industrial Council and the Pastoralist’s Association of West Darling.

1898: J. Sully

1907: W.R Nairn

1908: A.B. Wood

1911: W.E Heywood

1922: C.E.Moore

1930: W.H. Glasson

1947: R.E.A. Kitchen

1948: W.L.Bayly

1949-1963: C.G Davison

1964-1965: K.J.H Jeffery

1966-1971: W.H.E. Rouse

1971-1972: D.C Morrow

1972-1975: B.A. Symonds

1975-1978: K.J Chorlton

1978-1980: N.T. Mcphee

1981-1985: P.J. Martin

1986-1989: K.R.Matthews

1989-1991: H. Astill

1991-1996: W.J. McLeod

1996-1998: H. Astill

1998-2000: P. Baxter

2000-2005: S. Hocking

2005-2007: D. Coff

2007-2009: R. Edgecumbe

2009-2011: J. Groenendijk

2011 – : P. Seager

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