Broken Hill named Australia’s Only Heritage City

20 January, 2014

Broken Hill Chamber of Commerce President Ann Rogers has welcomed the news that Broken Hill has been named as Australia’s first Heritage City.

As the leader of an organisation that has played an integral role in the social, cultural and economic landscape of Broken Hill since 1885, Ms. Rogers said the listing acknowledges that the inter-generational achievements of the Broken Hill community that cannot be built or recreated anywhere else.

“We are unique. Today, our community celebrates the contribution our City’s families have made to the economic, industrial, social and cultural fabric of our Nation and the opportunities that this listing will create,” Ms. Rogers said.

Ms. Rogers said the Chamber was excited to explore the opportunities and partnerships that will be created for the Far West NSW economy as a result of the listing.

“There is a large body of evidence that a heritage listing acts as a stimulus for significant economic development and results in the benefit of increased local, national and international media attention. This will all contribute to Broken Hill having its own unique branding and support opportunities for business and industry to align marketing activities based on the endorsement of being the Nation’s only Heritage City.

“The title reflects the strength, resilience and ingenuity of our Indigenous, pastoral, mining, social and creative heritage. It is a signal to the world that we are a strong community that thrives on the challenges of living in inland Australia and can creatively evolve with changing conditions to ensure our community remains strong and vibrant,” Ms. Rogers said.

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