Online Membership Form 2016-2017

Dear Friend of the Chamber of Commerce,

Thank you for supporting the Broken Hill Chamber of Commerce this year and we look forward to continuing to work for you as we move forward to build a sustainable economic future for our community.

By joining the Chamber, you receive over $1500 worth of business support and networking opportunities – download member benefit document here:

Member Benefits Program 2016-2017

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The Chamber continues to grow the suite of services available to you and was recognised as a finalist in the 2014 NSW Business Chamber Regional Awards in recognition for service to business and industry in Far West NSW.

It has also been confirmed that the Chamber’s partnership with the NSW Government to deliver free Small Business Advisory Services to Far West NSW will continue in 2015-16 through the delivery of the Small Biz Connect program.

The service provides face-to-face advice and support services to new and established operators to achieve maximum success. As a result of this continuing partnership, we will host a number of workshops and webinars to assist small business with their planning and development during the next 12 months.

As a partner of the New South Wales Business Chamber, we are also pleased to offer a new suite of services at no cost to our members through the Chamber Alliance program. Broken Hill Chamber members are entitled to become a NSW Business Chamber member at no extra cost which gives members access to services that include free workplace advisory and business hotlines, business magazine and e-news, a business legals toolkit and discounts on insurance and electricity packages.

Being a part of the Alliance means that our members also have a stronger voice with the decision makers. The BH Chamber engages with the NSW Business Chamber on policy, lobbying and media issues and contiues to work to develop a stronger voice for our region at a State and Federal level. While this may not be visable on a day to day basis, we are representing rural and regional NSW on matters that count.

During the past 12 months, the Chamber has responded to more than 100 inquiries regarding rates of pay, position classifications and penalty rates, as well as assisted members on the correct pay outs for employees and continued to promote the Broken Hill Customer Service Awards. The Chamber has presented awards to more than 20 businesses and individuals. This is supported by a media campaign which allows recipients to have their story told on awards sponsor 2BH radio, in the local newspaper and on the Chamber’s website and social media pages.

Recent Chamber Submissions

The Chamber Board and Executive spend a lot of time consulting with members and making submissions to relevant inquiries to assist business growth and economic development in Far West NSW. These have included:

  •  NSW Business Chamber submission into the Regional Aviation Inquiry, which included Broken Hill as a stand alone case study.
  •  IPART Review into Water and Sewerage Prices requesting that Essential Energy extrapolate its four year infrastructure renewal program over 10 years to reduce the short term impact of a 5.9% increase per year for the next four years. IPART determined that this was legitimate request and as a result, our members will have an increased lead in time to build water price increases into their operational plans.
  •  Country Cabinet meeting in held Broken Hill in September, 2013. One of the issues of concern was the potential removal of the Office of Fair Trading from Broken Hill. The Minister, The Hon, Anthony Roberts confirmed that the office would become part of a one-stop shop but that the position would remain in Broken Hill to provide face-to-face service.
  •  Parliamentary Standing Committee inquiry into the Office of the Valuer-General including face-to-face evidence at the inquiry in March 2013. Two recommendations were accepted by the NSW Government.Ratepayers will now receive clear and detailed advice on how the rateable value of their properties has been determined and the appeal mechanism will move from the Land and Environment Court to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. This will reduce potentially open ended legal costs, which is a disincentive to making an appeal and give ratepayers a single, relatively low cost fee to be lodged when appealing.

We will be continuing to expand our suite of services in 2016 – 2017 and look forward to working with you.

Ann Rogers



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